All jewellery Designers who would like to participate in the Design Competition shall attend this FREE seminar on 15th November, 2022 on zoom.
This seminar will explain the following:-
1. Benefits of participating in the competition.
2. Rules about the theme of Designing.
3. What metals shall be used for design.
4. What stones can be used for Designing.
5. How to scan or photograph your design for submission.
6. How many items can be designed in each Category?
7. How many designs can one person send?
8. Do you have to pay for each design?
9. How many Categories are there for designers?
10. Can Jewellers also participate?
11. What will be the special award for Grand Category?
12. How many winners will be there in all?

Get answers to all your questions and take a step forward to be the “Master Jewellery Designer of the World.”

Join the SEMINAR online on Tuesday, 15th November, as per the following international zones:
8.00 pm Dubai time (GST )
7.00 pm KSA/BAH/Kuwait time
6.00 pm Lebanon time
12.00 pm New York time
12.00 am Singapore time
7.00 pm Kenya time
4.00 pm UK time
9.30 pm India time


Visit the website address to register 👉🏿