Term and Condition

  1. Eligible Age for Participation: 18yrs and above.
  2. Metal to be used: precious metals only. Yellow Gold, Rose Gold, White Gold or Platinum.
  3. Gemstone to be used: Cut, Carved, Cabochon, Beads, Drops, Tumble, or any other form of Polished Emeralds of any shape or cut can be used as the primary Gem. Natural Diamond, Pearl or other gemstones can be used as supporting / secondary gemstones. Note: Use of Plastic, wood, glass, steel and brass is not acceptable.
  4. Entry Fee for each design submission: US$ 7.50 or AED 30 / INR 700 per design. All entry fees are nonrefundable.
  5. Entry Fee shall be paid through: Online payment gateway through Credit or Debit card, Direct ATM Deposit, Bank transfer or Cash payment at WAOD office. 
  6. How many entries can I send: Individual designer can send multiple entries in each category.
  7. Do I fill a new form for each submission? Yes, each entry shall be submitted with a new form and paid individual entry fee.
  8. How to submit the Design: Register with your email and send all your submissions.
  9. What should be the size of design? Designs shall be on A4 size only for printing purposes. Dimensions can be mentioned along side of the design if its bigger than A4 size.
  10. Disqualification: Plagiarized Designs or any pieces found to be submitted for other design competition will be considered ineligible to compete.
  11. Discretion: WAOD reserves the rights to cancel any participant’s entry or disqualify a participant at any given point of time.
  12. Decision: WAOD Panel of Judges is the final deciding authority for the award decisions.
  13. Submission Criteria stage 1: Only 2D- sketch in JPG/PNG format can be submitted in application form. (3D will be required only if shortlisted in top 10 of any category).
  14. Submission Criteria stage 2: Once any design is selected for top 10 ,you will be required to submit the design in 3D format.
  15. Designs made on Rhino or MATRIX: 3D Designs should be rendered in full color and only a high-resolution JPG or PNG File shall be submitted. (3 Views of each design is required. Front, Back & Side view)
  16. Designs made by Sketching: 2D Designs should be rendered in full color and only a high resolution JPG or PNG scanned file shall be submitted. ( 2Views of each design is required. Front, & Side view)
  17. Name and Signature: Designs submitted should not have the name of designer, signature, or any kind of marking on the front of design page. 
NOTE: Any design submitted in 3D form shall be made with Genuine Licensed software only. If you are not a 3D CAD Designer, you can take help of a Licensed 3D CAD designer to prepare your design in 3D for final assessment. The user & License details of the CAD designer will be required to be submitted along with the 3D Design. Any  currently employed designer, owner or partner of sister concern company or company owned by Judges of WADA awards team or World Academy of Design team will not be eligible to participate in the competition. No intimation will be sent in this regard to them.