Code: WNJ1 - Wedding Necklace set,
for Jewellers Only

Category: Wedding Jewellery/ Bridal Wear

Description: Jewellers can submit a picture of Bridal Necklace set with Emeralds as primary Gemstone and Diamonds as secondary stone. Apart from the  Emerald and Diamonds, you can use various surface finishes like enamel, texture, sandblasting, electroplating etc. to enhance or embellish the design. Additional gemstones can be used but only as supporting gem or secondary colour.

Style and Design: Jewellers can only submit a design for Bridal Category. Necklace , Earrings & Ring / Bracelet (Total 3 ornaments are a must)

Gemstones to be Used: “Emerald” should be the Primary Gemstone. Natural diamonds should be used in the Jewellery.


Theme for the Design: The Jewellery can be based on any theme, the only criteria is BRIDAL Jewellery and primary stone being Emerald.

Metals to be used: Precious metals like, yellow gold, white gold, rose gold , green gold or platinum can be used for making designs.

Format of Submission: High resolution Images of the “READY Jewellery items” shall be shared in JPEG format. Back view, front view are a must. Photography placed on mannequin.

Suggestion: You can also add a forehead ornament to match the bridal Jewellery.

Eligibility: Registered Jewellery companies with Trade License can only participate.

Final Submission: Only selected top 10  Jewellery design will need to be shipped to UAE for final decision. (Cost of shipping , Insurance and return need to be born by owners of the Jewellery)


1.  Picture of Owner/Direction/ (to be published)  

2. Picture of Design. (2 views front and back)  (should contain neckwear,  Earrings and ring/Bracelet) A total of 3 items are compulsory. 

3.  Must be in Natural emerald and natural Diamonds.  

4.  Metal should be Gold or platinum. 

5. Emerald as primary gemstone.  

6. Entry fee $200 

(No specific theme is required.)




1. Getting the privilege to showcase your winning piece at the venue during the award function. 

2. Published in WADA magazine, with company details.  

3. Receive an Award from the Chief Guest.  

4. Published on the WADA website.  

5.  Certificate will be Awarded as Top 50 Bridal Jeweller of the World 2023

The last date to submit the design is 30 September