Code: WNJ1 - Wedding Necklace set,
for Jewellers Only

Category: Wedding Jewellery/ Bridal Wear

Description: Applicant can submit Bridal Necklace set using, Emeralds as primary Gemstone and Diamonds as secondary stone can be submitted. Apart from Emerald and Diamond, you can use various surface finishes, enamel or pearls etc. to enhance or embellish the design.

Gemstone to be Used: “Emerald” Emerald should be used as the Primary Gemstone. Supported by Diamonds, Pearls or other semi precious stones. Enamel, various textures and surface finishes can also be used.

Theme for the Design: “Nature – Sunrise” The beauty of Nature at the time of Sunrise shall be the prime inspiration of the design. 

Metals to be used: “Precious Metals” Precious metals like, yellow gold, white gold, rose gold , green gold or platinum can be used for making designs.

Format of Submission: Computer rendered Image in JPG format or high resolution scan of hand rendered sketch. (3D CAD Files will be required for all shortlisted designs for final selection)  

Suggestion: You can also add a forehead ornament to match the bridal Jewellery.

Eligibility: For Jeweller  (Aged 18 yr & above).